How do you balance your LIFE and BUSINESS?

Every solopreneur experiences isolation and overwhelm from time to time.

Whether you’re starting, growing or realigning your healing business, The Successful Healer meets you where you are. 

With business decisions to make and clients to attract, sometimes you wish you had a roadmap. Well, here it is!

  • Discover new approaches to self-care and powerful techniques to dissolve any sense of paralysis or burden.
  • Resources for solving challenges and practical tools for work/life balance.
  • Insight into other healers’ lives and how they've resolved the issues you’re having right now.
  • Support and nourishment to get back on track with a healthy perspective and self-confidence.

Introducing our book - written by and for healers


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Collingwood: Roberta Robbins

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Orangeville: Harmony Market

Melancthon: Debra Jones Healing Centre

Collingwood: Roberta Robbins



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Roberta Robbins - Sacred Medicine Weaver

“WOW! This book is an essential guide for all Healers. If passionate about offering unique healing medicine to the world, then this book is a must-read.

Debra Jones has created a sacred medicine box for every healer’s journey, that is akin to Louise Hay’s 'You Can Heal Your Life,' but for your business. It is a book to keep on the nightstand or bookshelf and refer to for years to come.

This book is the missing piece of support and guidance to authentically and successfully navigate business with ease.

This practical guide shines a light on the sacred, spiritual journey that healers embark on and embrace daily, and supports stepping more fully on the healer’s path with integrity and grace.

Timeless. Powerful. Sacred Wisdom.”

Shelley Kabelin - Eagles Wings & Own Your Throne

“Debra Jones is a gifted storyteller who has created a reference guide that reads like a love story. A story that lovingly inspires you forward when you are stuck personally or professionally.

The Successful Healer helps you clearly identify where you are, then illuminates the path forward with successful wisdom and 63 tested tools.

This book is for all of us who share our gifts, and as humans, stumble as we evolve.

Julie Baumlisberger - Reiki Master

“Debra Jones has masterfully woven a blend of real anecdotal experiences from others, together with her own wisdom. This combination provides insight into very common challenges we healers have.

Anyone reading this will recognize some of their own stories and can look at the Remedy Toolbox to choose from the variety of solutions offered.

I loved reading about REAL experiences from REAL healers.

We are all one, and this book holds us all gently and shows us how to truly be successful, both professionally and personally.”

Lorraine Bordiuk - Artist

“Do you ever feel blocked from moving forward with your healing business but don’t know why, or what to do? The Successful Healer offers suggestions, journal questions and an action plan to identify and clear what is holding you back.

This step by step guide looks at our personal and business life by examining opportunities for reflection and growth. The Remedy Toolbox is an easy to access go-to resource available when you need it.

Stop second guessing yourself and learn to trust your intuition. Calibrate your inner compass with your truth. Write yourself a new story if you need to. The world is waiting for your healing gifts.”


Healers Helping Healers


As solopreneurs, it can be challenging to be 'the one to make all the decisions' on the path to success. We feel we're alone and can struggle with self-confidence, anxiety and debilitating fears. The truth is, we feel we can't trust that it's safe to open up and show our vulnerability to anyone. 3H -The New Paradigm is a world in which we open our Head, Heart and Hands to help other healers who do the same for us. When we collaborate with those who are trust-worthy, we feel safe and supported, so we blossom and flourish. Join us as we birth a new paradigm -

Growing Together Through LOVE and COMPASSION

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